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    I'm glad you're here! I'm Heather.

    (< - That's me, getting slobbered on by my boxer, Jessie.)

    I've been a professional photographer since 2002, and have always included the family pets when photographing families and kids. I've expanded on my love of all things furry by creating the Dedicated program for Police K9s / working dogs, and the Unconditional program for family pets.

    I have a deep respect for what animals add to our lives. They bring love, messes, joy, and chaos, each in their own unique way. Please take a look around and feel free to drop me a note as well. I'd love to hear from you :)

Sarasota County FL K9 Unit

Collectors Cards for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit are complete! Current dogs in the unit are: Hiro, Tikko, Zuul, Titan, Cid, Yoe and Sadie.

K9 Collector’s Cards

Our house is full of animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, chickens (ok, the chickens are OUTSIDE) – this place is teeming with critters.

One of those creatures is a pretty amazing Belgian Malinois named Hiro. Hiro is a police K9, and is my husband’s partner at work. At just two years old, Hiro is already proving himself to be an awesome cop. He’s smart and motivated at work, and at home he’s a cuddler who thinks he’s a chihuahua that should sit in my lap:).

Some police departments produce trading cards for their K9s, much like baseball trading cards. I’ve always loved the idea of K9 cards but felt like the pictures and the design of most I saw could use a little boost. I was thrilled when I got the go-ahead to run with my vision for cards for the entire K9 unit. Hiro’s card is complete and circulating (email me if you want one!), and the rest of the K9 unit will have theirs very soon.

I’ll share the other incredible, dedicated dogs very soon – for now, here’s Hiro:).

Hiro Front 2


January 31, 2018 - 2:38 am

Jerica Calansingin - I would love any K9 cards
thank you

Jerica Calansingin
L1 b5 camden Street
Belmont NHS
1900 cainta Rizal Philippines

thank you

K9 Demo – Lowe’s Safety Days 2010


Hiro had a great time meeting the crowd at Lowe’s in Venice this week! He got to meet a lot of people, and show off his obedience and agility work, as well as chase the ‘bad man’! Check out his video below, or CLICK HERE to view in a separate browser….




I just finished a Flyball 101 class with Finnegan. What a blast! For a dog with his kind of ball drive, it’s the perfect sport.A� Here we are at his graduation (we’re on the left!), and then a video of him completing a flyball run.A� Want more info? Check out this video: What is Flyball?


Finnegan does the whole run ( but skipped one jump on the recall ) and gets the ball from the box.

Awesome video work by my son Aidan, and awesome handling work by my daughter Lauren – right now Finn does better if he sees one of us at the end where he gets the ball, so one of the kids would hold him before he started his run and I’d go down to the end. In time he won’t need me down there, he just needs a little more practice .