Surprise! We’ve got….kittens!

A few months ago, a beautiful but thin and raggedy-looking cat started hanging around our house. It took a while, but we won her trust and got her inside. We tried everything we could think of to find her owner with no luck, and we decided we’d keep her. We planned to take her to the vet, and then …. I broke my arm. Badly. Required surgery and pins and plates and lots of rest and no mobility and physical therapy.

And in the thick of the craziness in our household surrounding my injury, this gorgeous cat (who we had named Asia) got out of our house:(. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find her. Weeks went by and she didn’t return. I feared the worst…she was a tiny cat, and our woods are filled with bigger animals that could easily kill her.

Until suddenly, there she was! Thin and matted, she dragged herself back and gratefully cameA� inside. We hoped she’d learned her lesson! We made plans to take her to the vet when I got back from my scheduled trip to Chicago.

On the final day of my trip, I received an excited call from my son, who said “Asia just had a kitten!” He proceeded to tell me all about it, and that it had happened a half an hour ago, and there was just one.

For now, I thought. For now. I doubt she has just one in there…..

Sure enough, by the time my flight landed there were three tiny kittens tucked under a towel, curled up close to their new mama.

Beyond getting these little cuties grown up to the weaning point and getting EVERYONE to the vet to be spayed/neutered, I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet…. but just *look* !!:)A� This is Asia and her babies: Bonsai, Chai, and Dali. They are just one day old in these pictures. Asia doesn’t seem to have a problem with us being near them, but we don’t want to disturb her much.

08 01 babycats-101

08 01 babycats-106

08 01 babycats-110



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